Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some thoughts from Ghana!

So, I seem to have failed miserably as far as blogging goes- but as for family and friends I hope that you have been receiving my email updates! For those following our group's different blogs I'm sure that you have a pretty good idea of what we have been up to.. so instead of talking about activities I think I'll just say a few things about what I have learned and noticed.

Each day of this trip has inspired me to :

Live each moment with more passion than the last

Walk with a heart pounding with conviction to leave this world "better than I found it"

Find beauty in simplicity- and have enough faith to find both peace and excitement in the unknown.

As one Ghanaian put it to accept that:
"I eat what I eat
I do what I do
I go where I go
I live where I live"

but.. what every I do, when I am what I am
I will be with purpose.

also I will remember that true happiness should never be at a loss, because we have control over our attitude, and willingness to learn from any situation we are presented with.

The joy and openness that we bring to each new day, new experience and new person is truly an investment.
The the most valuable return we could ask for is the realization of the purpose and passion we can derive from approaching life with the attitude that...

by giving we will receive more that we could ever give
by teaching we will learn more than we could ever teach,
and by putting others before ourselves we will experience more love, fulfillment and happiness than we would ever know individually.

Life is good, God is good.
Hope you are all doing well!! Hopefully there will be more blogging to come soon!
Much love,